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Catch ME

Catch Me is a collection of prose and poetry for those who want to take a breath to reflect and contemplate. Through her words, Na’ima B. Robert takes readers on a journey where admonitions are potent, wounds are laid bare, then swathed, and the soul is soothed. The poetry is raw, the pain is real, and the hope and faith are palpable.
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Kind Words from our Readers

I don’t usually read poetry books, and when I do, I usually skim them and read a poem here and there and rarely pick them up again. But with Catch Me by Na’ima B. Robert, I was drawn in from the first line and couldn’t stop reading. I expected to read the book over a span of several days, but the poetry collection was so moving that I read it in one sitting, mashaAllah. “Forgive me, Lord,” reads part of the poem that inspired the name of the book.
 “Forgive me/And catch me
/When my back finally breaks…/When the agony of loss/Threatens to throw me from the cliff/Catch me, Lord./Catch me.” I found my heart moved to reflection, my eyes moved to tears, and my tongue moved to du’aa as I prayed for my soul. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Catch Me is the most profound and motivating book of poetry that I’ve read to date. But it is more than a collection of poetry. It is a collection of the spirit, a collection of the heart, and a collection of the soul. I hope many hearts are touched with this moving book.

Umm Zakiyyah, author of If I Should Speak

This is truly a book of beauty and depth; a must-read for anyone who has loved or lost, who is seeking inspiration or is hanging by a thread. This collection of heartwarming and inspirational poems are sure to spark deep emotions and many a tear

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